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Here are some of our dogs who are currently looking for their forever home

Here are some of our dogs who are currently looking for foster home

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Here are some of our dogs who are currently looking for foster home


It has now been four years since I took in Lexi as a foster dog. I’d lost my last staffy, Holly, and was in a bad place. I’d looked for months on so many rescue sites and then there she was. It popped up on Broken Halo Dog Rescue.  This little blonde face with big shoulders and little legs and sad but gorgeous eyes. I knew I loved her as soon as I saw her. It took a few months to get her here, but my god how well she’s done and how happy she’s made me. She is my best friend, child, partner and family and I love her more than anyone or anything.

Thank you, Broken Halo Dog Rescue for saving us both x


Having retired on Xmas Eve 2018, I had been planning on perhaps getting a dog the next year. My daughter had bought a house of her own in September 2019 so in January 2020 I decided that now was the time. Having researched and visited four of the best-known rescue organisations I was a little disappointed that they seemed more interested in me supporting them financially rather than finding me a suitable dog.  My partner then found “Tyler” on the Pets 4 Homes website, he looked stunning! I contacted Broken Halo on the Friday and filled out a form telling them all about me and my home. The  Sunday after I spoke to Tyler’s first “Foster Mum” who told me a little about him and his background, I also told her again what I was looking for and my circumstances that I could offer him the time and safety he needed.  The same day I was contacted to arrange a home visit to make sure that all was ok, and Tyler would be safe. This happened on Tuesday morning and all went well. Read More…

What can I say other than I lost my beautiful girl Jess after 14 years, and I had an existing dog that was only a year old, who was devastated at our loss. I decided that he would be a single dog as no dog could ever replace her.

Then I found Broken Halo which led to finding Colin, and at that point all our lives began again

Broken Halo are THE most caring, genuine people, in a world of puppy farms and overpaid juggernaut charities, they put their dogs first, and when they find the right owners, they put them first too 😀

Massive thank you to Broken Halo, you have made 3 lives complete. xx

Colin is now Pico, and loves his big bro Rocco

I have known Kristy from Broken Halo Dog Rescue for several years now as I was looking to rehome a dog after the passing of one of my beloved fur babies. Kristy was warm, friendly and welcoming from the start and the application process was simple, yet of a high standard. I found this appealing as not only have I worked in a dog rescue, I am also a canine behaviourist, which means I am very passionate, but also pedantic, about the treatment of dogs, and have very high standards.

Read More…

Honey came to live with our family during lockdown. She was the breath of fresh air we all needed! She is our Tigger, ‘bouncy, bouncy, fun, fun, fun, fun, fun!’ Abandoned at 8 weeks old in Romania, Honey just needed some love. After being a part of our family for 7 weeks now she is so contented and is definitely ‘Home’. The rest of the family struggle to get a look in when my husband is around as he is her definite favourite! We definitely needed her as much as she need us. Thank you Halo for bring Honey into our lives 🐾