Meet the Team

The Broken Halo team work tirelessly behind the scenes to ensure the happy ending that all our dogs deserve. They share a genuine desire to change our dogs lives for the better, and it is their hard work and dedication that is Broken Halo’s strength.

All our team work on a purely voluntary basis and operate around home, jobs, and families to drive the charity to be brave, inventive, and imaginative about how they transform the lives of the dogs in their care.


Message from the Founder

“As the founder of Broken Halo Dog Rescue, it has been a privilege for me to lead a unique and animal focused organisation where dogs remain at the heart of everything we do. I am extremely fortunate to be working with a committed group of people that are passionate and dedicated to the welfare of animals and willing to sacrifice their precious spare time as well as opening spaces in their own homes to this cause. This experience has been extremely rewarding and I am proud to call my colleagues and all the adopters and fosterers part of the ‘Halo Family’. In the current economy, the challenges facing organisations such as Broken Halo Rescue are great, but we strive to continue providing the best possible care to as many dogs as we can and in this effort I would also like to thank all the kind people who have so generously raised money or made donations out of their own pocket. I am sincerely grateful for the continued support of the many individuals, community groups and organisations, and the tremendous hard work and commitment of the volunteers throughout Broken Halo Rescue.”