Adoption Fees Explained


Whilst all the team who work tirelessly behind the scenes at Broken Halo Dog Rescue do so on a purely voluntary basis, there are other costs incurred with the rehoming of each dog and therefore we do charge a dog adoption fee.

The dog adoption fee is usually between £200 and £350 for domestic dogs and £480 for dogs from abroad.

As you may know, many of our rescued dogs come from abroad and in particular from Romania where we work with shelters on the ground there, to rescue dogs who are otherwise destined to be put to sleep in one of the many public shelters.  These dogs require a pet passport, blood tests, transport costs, neutering, vaccinations and feeding before they arrive here.

The adoption fee is not only essential in order to maintain the running of the rescue and to continue the work we do to find secure and happy homes for our Halo dogs, but we also believe that willingness to pay the fee shows a level of commitment and demonstrates that the adopter has the finances in place to support their adopted dog in their ongoing care.