Breed: Possible Shepherd Cross
Age: 8 Months
Gender: Male
Dog Size: Medium, Large
Where is the dog at the moment?: Gloucestershire

Cash's Personality

Intelligent, Fearful,

Who Cash can live with

Dogs, Children older than 10 years, Teenages (13 years +), Older Teenagers (15 years +), Adults, Males, Females

What Cash knows

About Cash

Cash arrived in the UK on 21st August 2020 and is currently in foster care in Gloucestershire. Whilst Cash has never in any circumstances displayed any aggression whatsoever, he is an extremely nervous dog and his foster carer is working with a behaviorist in order to give Cash some more confidence. For this reason we feel that Cash would benefit from a more experienced home, where they can dedicate the time and patience to bring this wonderful, loving dog out of his frightened shell. Cash is desperate for love and and affection, he just needs to be shown that he can trust his human family.

Cash is possibly a Shepherd cross, will be medium/large in size and is very friendly with all other dogs. As yet Cash remains untested with cats but he does currently live with children aged 10 and 12. Cash would not be suitable for a home with younger children as he needs his space.

Whilst it is too early in his development to give Cash much training, he has taken the lead from the resident dogs at his foster home and apart from the odd accident at night, Cash is completely clean inside the house. Cash will also stay with his foster family while out on walks, even whilst off lead, although this level of trust would need to be carefully attained with his new family over time.

Cash has learnt to love strokes and scratches from his foster mother, although is still hesitant to accept any contact with the rest of the family. He loves to be with someone for most of the day, however, he has no issues with being left with the dogs over night and for short periods of the day.


Cash's Background

Cash was found on the streets of Romania with his brother Tango who has been listed separately.