Jasmine (ADOPTED)

Breed: Mixed Breed
Age: 2 Years
Gender: Female
Dog Size: Small
Where is the dog at the moment?: Essex, UK

Jasmine (ADOPTED)'s Personality

Lap dog, Strong Willed

Who Jasmine (ADOPTED) can live with

Dogs, Older Teenagers (15 years +)

What Jasmine (ADOPTED) knows

About Jasmine (ADOPTED)

Jasmine was a stray with 2 young pups, nobody really knows what she has endured in the 2 short yrs of her life but it is far from the best. She was homed here in uk but nipped the owner who threatened to PTS! Jasmine has been under assessment and has shown herself to be very wary of new things and for good reason puts guards up until trusts you . She is Not an aggressive dog but like many terriers is nippy and with a stray background protects whats hers. She is also the funniest, the sweetest, the cutest little dogs you can meet. All jasmine needs is someone confident shes adores her walks and lap time. If you feel you can offer this special little girl a home she deserves and willing to earn her trust.

Jasmine (ADOPTED)'s Background