Jasmine (ADOPTED)

Breed: Possible Dachshund Cross
Age: 5 months
Gender: Female
Dog Size: Small
Where is the dog at the moment?: UK

Jasmine (ADOPTED)'s Personality

Playful, Friendly, Softy, Affectionate, loving

Who Jasmine (ADOPTED) can live with

Dogs, Cats, Children older than 5 Years

What Jasmine (ADOPTED) knows

About Jasmine (ADOPTED)

One of our very own Broken Halo admin team is currently fostering this beautiful girl. Whist it is impossible to give an accurate indication of Jasmines breed, her long body and short stumpy legs would indicate that she is a dachshund cross possibly with a terrier.  She will be small in size as an adult and is very friendly with everyone including kids. She has been fine with dogs and cats and when her tail wags her whole body wiggles. She also sits up like a meerkat for belly rubs. She is currently in the UK looking for her forever family to love with all the enthusiasm possible.

Jasmine (ADOPTED)'s Background