Puppies! (ADOPTED)

Breed: Crossbreed
Age: 10 weeks
Gender: Male, Female
Dog Size: Medium
Where is the dog at the moment?: Romania

Puppies! (ADOPTED)'s Personality

Playful, Intelligent, Friendly, Chilled, Affectionate, Easy to please, loving

Who Puppies! (ADOPTED) can live with

Dogs, Cats, Small Animals, Small Children, Children older than 5 Years, Children older than 10 years, Teenages (13 years +), Older Teenagers (15 years +), Adults

What Puppies! (ADOPTED) knows

About Puppies! (ADOPTED)

Puppies!!! We have 5 adorable puppies, no names as yet. Each one a beautiful colouring, different to its siblings.
One male and 4 females of mixed breed. These pups are approx 10 weeks old. We estimate them to be medium in size, but there are no guarantees.
Puppies are child friendly and can live with other animals. Puppies have been microchipped, vaccinated and 4DX tested against all diseases.
Due to their age they have not been neutered. They will come on a neutering contract meaning this must be done at the adopters expense, once they are old enough on advice of a registered veterinarian. Proof is required.
*** CAN TRAVEL AFTER 19/02/2021 ***

Puppies! (ADOPTED)'s Background

We have been asked to help these 5 adorable pups find homes. Mum was taken in by our rescuer in Romania, and it turns out she was hiding these fluffy babies in her belly! Mum is safe and will be staying in rescue, but we would like to get the pups some lovely warm homes.