Why Foster?


If you have a genuine love of dogs and are sensitive to the plight of the many dogs who are desperately in need of a home then it could be that you are a perfect foster parent.

When you foster a dog you are taking a homeless dog into your home and providing them with the love, care and attention they need to thrive until they find their forever home. Many people who foster are concerned that they will never be able to let the dog go when the time comes for them to go to their permanent homes, and whilst there are many cases of ‘failed foster’ this is usually because you have formed a genuine connection with the dog in question and have therefore gained a valuable family member. 

However, for every dog that successfully gets placed in a forever home, another space is opened up in your foster home, which in turn means that another space is made available in rescue kennels. Everytime you foster a dog and rehome them, you are saving another animal in need, sometimes even from death. 

Foster homes also provide a new environment for dogs who are long term residents in kennels, or dogs who may be finding it difficult to adjust and may be starting to become disengaged. Moving such dogs into a loving home can make all the difference in their potential to achieve adoption in a permanent home as they become more socialised and receive some basic training. As a foster parent you will also be key in assessing the dog in a home environment so they can be matched perfectly with their new family.

Fostering isn’t only advantageous for the dogs, your family has a lot to gain from the experience too. It provides your existing dogs with socialisation and companionship, and teaches your children about responsibility and charity. It is also a great way of finding out what sort of dog is best suited to your home before you commit to a pet yourself. 

Anyone who fosters with Broken Halo automatically becomes part of the ‘Halo Family’ where you will share experiences with like minded people who all have a love of dogs.

When the day comes to hand your foster fur baby over to their new parents you will experience one of the most rewarding feelings imaginable. Of course goodbyes can be difficult, but witnessing your foster pup with their new adoring family and sending them off to live their happy ever after is worth it. Knowing that you facilitated your foster dog finding his or her forever family is priceless.

Change a life, save a life!